Body beautiful


Category is body beautiful.

And yes, this is about that luscious body Jennifer Lopez displayed on her birthday.

And why not?

When you’re 49 years of age, with perfect tight skin, a lovely boyfriend and wonderful children, why not display this body happiness on your Instagram?

Disclaimer: don’t forget miss Lopez has been blessed with great genes, Latina curves, she works hard, and has a team of people who take care of her. Think of a personal trainer, a chef, a stylist and the list goes on. Nevertheless she works out a lot, as well in the gym as on stage when performing.


Lena Dunham

From Jlo to miss Lena Dunham.

Instead of showing off, she creates a subcategory within the category body beautiful. Most people call it bodypositivity, but I think it’s so much more.

Recently she Instagrammed a now-and-than post, displaying her happiness with an easier to maintain bodyweight than a thinner one. When she weighed 24 pounds less she got more complements, but felt terrible all day. Being thin cost her a lot of effort and didn’t make her any happier than with her current weight.

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Joshua Andrew

Another subcategory is reserved for mister Joshua Andrew. Self proclaimed mental health advocate Joshua makes a case for mental issues for his quarter million Instagram followers.

Several times now he did a Lena Dunham: a now-and-than post.

Interestingly, this is about a man. Men rarely complain about their physique. They seem happy being symbols of lust. The rejoice their body beautiful because they put so much effort in it. Hours of training in the gym, a strict diet to shred those last pounds, it doesn’t come for free. And Joshua just said at a sudden point it's not worth it: the question should never be “Didn’t you like being in shape?” but instead  “what shape is healthiest for your mind and spirit?” Couldn’t you agree more?

Body ideals

This category has been served and it sizzles!

Are you following the media’s narrow ideals of beauty or do you create your own ideals?

Isn’t your happiness more important than the one conceived online?

As miss Dunham puts it, “while self-confidence can be constant work, it’s ultimately liberating.” #PREACH